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This workshop will go through the key components of food photography, from how to shoot in manual through to styling and plating food. The workshop will include both theory and practical components so that participants will be able to learn the key elements of both photography and styling, and then put these new skills into practice with guidance from the workshop hosts.

This workshop is ideal for

  • food bloggers looking to refine their skills
  • small business owner looking to better promote their products
  • cafes/restaurants wanting to learn how to take quality, appealing images of their menu to share on their website and social media channels
  • those who enjoy cooking and entertaining, and want to document their creations

Participants are required to bring along their own DSLR camera.

At this gathering, you will learn

  • How to master the manual mode on a DSLR camera
  • How to understand and work with available natural light, including techniques to manipulate light
  • The key elements of styling and composition
  • The importance of storytelling through photography, and how to create a connection with the viewer
  • Simple ways to make food look good


LOCATION: West Hobart

DATE: Saturday, 11th June

TIME: 9:30 – 12:30

COST: $150